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why do people have like 74973 different names for these


looking through the notes for this post is hilarious bc everyone has a different name they insist is the only one

My family has always said Pop Ice and I’m now realizing we might be the ONLY ones….

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the bags under my eyes are as dark as the inside of Hollister

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Has the president called?


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i have never seen anyone fuck up this masterfully

it just got worse and worse

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don’t you just hate it when you want to get to know someone but you have no idea what to talk about

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❝ Our fans are so supportive that I feel like Mamrie could take a shit on stage right now and they’d be like, ‘TWO THUMBS UP! THAT WAS GREAT!’ ❞

Grace Helbig: NAB Panel on Camp Takota

I know some people might be embarrassed to admit that this is true for them, but I’m not and here’s why:

1) There’s a difference between supportive fans and obsessive fans. Supportive fans cheer Mamrie on as she shits on stage because they think she’s hilarious and they trust her comedic decisions. Obsessive fans try to collect Mamrie’s shit to put in a jar so they can keep a part of her with them forever. *shudders* 

2) Supporting occasional bad quality content is not equivalent to supporting bad quality people. Mamrie takes shits, but she isn’t a shitty person.

3) Every bit of our support, no matter how small, gives Grace, Mamrie, and Hannah the opportunity to create more content for more people through more mediums. I’m a HUGE fan because I enjoy their content and I want to see them continue making more hilarious and amazing things. Of course YouTube is great, but I want to see what they can do with TV, film, books, etc. That’s why I preordered Camp Takota and Hannah’s book.

Have I absolutely loved every YouTube video they’ve posted? No, and that’s ok because they aren’t making videos for me. They are making content they can be proud of. Since so many of us also happen to find it hilarious, we get the incredible opportunity to see them grow and mature as comedians and that is something worth supporting no matter what.

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Emma acted out the scene first, and then Helena Bonham Carter mimicked what she did. so it was Helena Bonham Carter pretending to be Emma Watson pretending to be Helena Bonham Carter pretending to be Bellatrix pretending to be Hermione pretending to be Bellatrix.


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Me most days

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One note = one vote. Like or reblog to vote for your state! Go your-state-name-here!


One note = one vote. Like or reblog to vote for your state! Go your-state-name-here!

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seeing your friends when you’re with a really cute person


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I think we place too much value on test scores.

Cause students aren’t just test scores

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Tina Fey is the living proof that there really is hope for all of us

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❝ The ‘wide-set vagina’ [line] is one I have a special affection for because that’s the line we had to throw ourselves in front of the train tracks with the MPAA [for], because they didn’t want to let us keep that line. We made a whole stink about them being sexist because ‘Anchorman’ had Will Ferrell walking around with an erection. Like, you really think a teenage girl speaking about her anatomy [is the problem]? We threw everything at them, and they finally said, ‘FINE! You can keep the line.’ ❞
— We talked to a whole slew of folks (director Mark Waters! Damian! Aaron Samuels! Kevin G! Gretchen Wieners!) about making Mean Girls — all in honor of the movie’s 10th (!!) anniversary. (via entertainmentweekly)
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